The Association

The Lawrence Farms East Association is a volunteer organization established to provide a forum for the 166 families of Lawrence Farms East to exchange ideas, raise monies, and use those funds towards the beautification, safety, and betterment of our neighborhood community.

The Board of LFEA drifted apart in the early 2000's and as a result, no dues were collected, no improvements were made, the directory was not updated and the annual Kittle House neighborhood party did not happen. In the summer of 2004 a group of residents of LFE assembled and created a new Board and renewed the activities of the previous organization.

The Board meets several times each year and provides the following services to the neighborhood residents:

• Discuss neighbood issues that need attention and communicate them to the residents

• Update and distribute the Directory of the residents of Lawrence Farms East

• Raise $100 per family annual dues from the residents that fund the projects of the association

• Coordinate the landscaping and upkeep of the common areas in Lawrence Farms East (entrance areas and triangles)

• Organize and sponsor the annual neighborhood party at the Kittle House

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